In 2023, we passed legislation that capped the cost of insulin and epi-pens. Now, Rep. Laura Faver Dias is working to do the same for another life-saving medication: inhalers.

Illinois lawmakers could cap monthly inhaler costs this spring

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — A new plan in Springfield could cap the monthly out-of-pocket cost for inhalers. People struggling with asthma and other lung diseases could pay just $25 for one prescription inhaler per month.

Rep. Laura Faver Dias (D-Grayslake) knows firsthand about the rising cost of inhalers as one of her sons has severe asthma. The suburban Democrat said her son uses a maintenance inhaler twice a day and needs Albuterol in case of emergencies. At one point, Faver Dias was paying $180 per month for a maintenance inhaler.

“Every time I went and picked up that prescription, I thought of all the families and all the people who that is a significant amount of money for and who have to make decisions between using this maintenance inhaler and putting food on the table,” Faver Dias said.