Working families deserve a break. That's why Leader Evans is pushing for a state Child Tax Credit. This $300 per child credit would also help address generational inequities in our black and brown communities.

Creating a State Child Tax Credit This Year is Exactly What Chicago’s Black Families Need

By Marcus Evans, Jr.

These days, it is harder than ever to make ends meet for hardworking families in Chicago, particularly in our city’s Black communities.

Rapidly rising costs have exacerbated longstanding inequity and injustice rooted in our city’s historical and contemporary actions, such as redlining and discriminatory housing policies that stagnated Black homeownership rates and kept significant investment away from the city’s Black community.

Through redlining, banks declared certain areas as hazardous and unworthy of loans, and restrictive covenants, racist property managers and landlords, and homeowner associations kept Black families away from the city’s most attractive neighborhoods. In the end, Black families were essentially barred from qualifying for home loans and left unable to build generational wealth.

Families like mine were left essentially barred from qualifying for loans for homeownership and were not able to build generational wealth. As of last year, there are 90% more Black Chicagoans in redlined areas than in surrounding neighborhoods. It’s no wonder that a recent report put Illinois as the worst state in the nation for racial financial inequality.