Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. (WEEK)

Illinois Supreme Court upholds end to cash bail; change to go into effect Sept. 18

CHICAGO, Ill. (CBS) – The Illinois Supreme Court has upheld a state law ending cash bail across the state, giving courts two more months before they must implement the change.

In a 5-2 ruling Tuesday morning, the state’s highest court overturned a ruling by a Kankakee County judge that the law ending cash bail was unconstitutional. The end to cash bail will now go into effect across the entire state on Sept. 18, according to the Illinois Supreme Court ruling.

“The Illinois Constitution of 1970 does not mandate that monetary bail is the only means to ensure criminal defendants appear for trials or the only means to protect the public. Our constitution creates a balance between the individual rights of defendants and the individual rights of crime victims. The Act’s pretrial release provisions set forth procedures commensurate with that balance,” Justice Mary Jane Theis wrote in the ruling.