Rep. Nabeela Syed, D-Palatine, discusses her House Bill 3957 pertaining to price gouging of off-patent and generic drugs during floor debate Wednesday, March 3, 2023

House Approves Drug Price Gouging Bill, Now Heads to Senate

The Illinois House of Representatives moved House Bill 3957 to the Senate on Wednesday, a bill blocking drug price gouging on off-patent and generic drugs.

Consideration was postponed on the bill during a third reading frenzy before the legislature’s spring break last month. Democrats adjourned that April 18 without having enough members to move it forward despite having a super-majority in the chamber.

Wednesday’s vote proved to be much less dramatic and advanced on a 84-25 bipartisan vote. House Minority Leader Tony McCombie and Rep. Mike Coffey, R-Springfield, joined Democrats in supporting the legislation.