Democrats for the Illinois House Take a Stand Video

Democrats for the Illinois House Take a Stand for Women’s Reproductive Rights

Chicago, IL – In the final week of Women’s History Month, Democrats in the Illinois House took a stand for women across the state with the passage of House Bill 1464– codifying the state’s unwavering support for access to reproductive health and a woman’s right to choose. 

States across the country including neighboring states of Missouri, Wisconsin, and Ohio are passing bans on women’s rights and penalizing physicians for performing and/or assisting with abortions. Democrats made it clear that Illinois will always protect women’s rights to choose. Illinois will remain a safe haven for reproductive rights. House Republicans voted no. 

“I think it’s pretty clear who stands with women in this state,” said House Speaker Emanuel ‘Chris’ Welch, appalled by the number of Republican votes to deny these protections, “Who will stand with women? Democrats stand for women in this state.”

The Speaker went on to share that it is more important than ever that Illinois remains a safe haven standing strong for women’s reproductive rights. 

Women’s rights groups across Illinois spoke up in support of the bill. ACLU Executive Director, Colleen Connel, says a woman’s right to choose is under attack across the country and Illinois has worked to make reproductive healthcare a fundamental right. 

“The Illinois House of Representatives today reaffirmed that our state will not let others undermine this commitment,” she said. “That message is welcome – for people in Illinois and those in other states who need to access health care, including abortion care.”

According to a statehouse press release, House Democrats also voted for House Resolution 789 to raise awareness of the importance of reproductive rights and promote Illinois as a role model for other states as they strive toward full reproductive justice. They voted for House Resolution 790 reaffirming the support of Roe v. Wade. They also passed House Resolution 94 which opposes efforts by extremists to defund Planned Parenthood.